As one of the benefits provided to qualified members of our member companies, the Maryland State Firemen’s Association (MSFA) has implemented a Wills for Heroes Program. This program is intended to provide those who qualify with the opportunity to receive a free last will and testament from the MSFA.

The Wills for Heroes Program is not intended to be a substitute for an individual’s estate planning, as specifically described in the advice of rights and disclaimer section of the program packet. In the program packet, you will find a set of documents which include a facsimile of the last will and testament, advice of rights and disclaimer, privacy rights notice, information sheet and Wills for Heroes Document for your information. Copies of each of the documents are also available on the Maryland State Firemen’s Association website.

Maryland State Firemen’s Association Wills for Heroes Program Privacy Notice

The Maryland State Firemen’s Association does not maintain records of persons who participate in the program or the information given to the Maryland State Firemen’s Association representatives regarding participation in the program. All information supplied by an individual participating in the program will be used solely for the purpose of the program. No information will be shared or sold with any other person, firm or corporation. Upon the participating individuals having executed a last will and testament the sole purpose of the program being to provide such last will and testament to a qualified participating individual, all information received from that individual for the purpose of preparing the last will and testament will be returned to the individual and no copies or records will be kept for any reason or any purpose by the Maryland State Firemen’s Association.