The MSFA’s recruitment team is looking for 2-4 departments with leadership and membership available over the next month between now and mid-August for the following video shoots. Additional future shoot dates are likely, but preference will go to those available these initial dates who can do multiple components. Each of the components listed below is expected to take about 4-6 hours, all can be done over a 3-4 day period if several departments step up to be showcased and we can pull in volunteers from around their region for certain aspects.
  • Mock structural fire (if you have an acquired structure that can be used pre-burn for staged response (with smoke machine) even better, but flexible. Need several units to “respond” as well as a minimum crew of four each unit.
  • Mock vehicle accident with extrication (if you have something planned, that is likely realistic looking, we can schedule to come in beforehand), units must including an engine, squad and EMS unit(s). We’ll work with any law enforcement or related approvals, realistic location that can appear to be a street preferred. Potentially tie this in with aviation depending on location and department.
  • Mock EMS response including arrival at area hospital (we’ll coordinate permissions), utilizing a member’s home and member/family as “the victim”.
  • Mock or live fire prevention event with kids doing fire prevention activities (family members of members are fine!). Need at least six people, plus “visitors” at firehouse location with appropriate existing fire prevention/open house style props.
  • Short clips of admin or auxiliary in “action” — working in office, preparing bingo or event hall, etc. We can schedule this around your real events.
  • One or more stations to visit to stage crew shots, interview members, ride along, staged shots of getting on/off vehicles and responding, etc.
We are also seeking one or two departments interested in assisting with some creative scripted short-commercial shoots, including one or more of the following shoots. Each is expected to take just 3-4 hours and we’re flexible on location.
  • A firefighter owned business or a business open where one or more firefighters/EMS members work (ideally not a public safety specific business) open to filming a real member firefighter on staff during work day and then again at the firehouse, seeking 1-2 individual members along with a few co-workers OK with being background actors.
  • A department with access to a school field to film a soccer scene, with at least three fire and EMS members to be filmed (male and female), 5-8 background extras in street clothes, and several kids playing soccer.
  • A department with a relationship with a grocery store to film in, at checkout, with an existing member who works there (or can pretend to) and several other firefighters/EMTs in street clothes at checkout, several other members in street clothes acting as patrons.
  • A teen member open to being filmed in front of their mirror in their house for a social media shared campaign, and in the firehouse. Must have larger mirror. Seeking one male and one female, along with filming same in their own firehouse.
We will provide specifics to interested departments and individuals interested.
We’re also looking for great high quality helmet, dash cam or other related video. If you have footage from existing recruitment related videos shot within the last year, we’ll gladly take a look at that as well.
Please email [email protected] if you are interested in participating with as much detail as you can provide on date availability between now and mid-August (weekdays or weekends are fine). Contact us if you have any questions as well.  Please indicate which type of shoot(s) you are interested in.
Thanks to the many members who participated in our interviews in Ocean City and on Recruitment Day, those are coming out soon and will also be posted on the revamped website.