Series Introduction & It Starts with a Plan 

This episode kicks off our Maryland Volunteer Recruiter Education Series to help guide local recruitment efforts. The ten basic steps for recruitment and retention are introduced.

Building Community Equity Through Partnerships

This episode emphasizes the importance of building relationships within your local community to help grow and foster your organization’s reputation. These partnerships buold community equity, encouraging reciprocal support between community partners.

Starting & Growing a Successful Youth Program

This episode explains how bringing in new members, helping kids in the community, and creating a program to bring in new members are all important deciding factors when determining if a youth program is right for your department.

Process is Progress

In this episode, the importance of the volunteer life cycle is introduced. Knowing how to develop and how to track it within your department is integral to finding lapses in your VRC. Identifying and correcting the problem extends the life of your volunteers at your department.

Follow-Up & Follow Through

The importance of staying engaged with your volunteer candidates through following up and following through is explained  in this episode. Implementing a standardized, yet flexible recruitment process is crucial to success of any on-boarding program.

The Art of Speed-Recruiting

Following five simple steps, recruiters can maximize their impact on any audience. Capturing the attention of potential volunteer firefighters within a limited amount of time is a main focus of this episode.

Going to Market

In this episode, learn in depth about how to best market your volunteer fire/ems department. Knowing product, people, and place in the market are the three key focuses when planning marketing efforts.