Hear the stories of Fire and EMS Volunteers from around the state of Maryland.

Patricia Staniewicz
United Fire Co. 3

Patty Staniewicz developed an interest in joining the fire service when she witnessed an EMT care for her father. She was so inspired by the dedication and hard work that she wanted to devote her life to helping others.

Candyce Hilgenberg
Woodland Beach Volunteer Fire Dept.

Candyce Hilgenberg comes from a family of career and volunteer firefighters making her very familiar with fire service. Hilgenberg has been volunteering with the Woodland Beach Fire Department for 23 years. Her motivation to keep working every day comes from seeing the difference that she makes in her community.

Chaynce Coles
Lutherville Volunteer Fire Co.

Chaynce Coles has always dreamed of being a career firefighter and he decided to join when his local department had a open house. His start at Lutherville motivated him to start his training and become a career firefighter in Baltimore. Coles feels at home in his role and believes it is the best job in the world.

Annie McCoach
Lutherville Volunteer Fire Co.

Annie McCoach has always wanted be a part of emergency services in some way and she decided to join a volunteer fire department when she was in college. McCoach spends most of her time at the fire department and continues to take classes to further her training. Being in fire services makes McCoach feel proud of the work she and her fellow members do.

Jacob Deale
Cape St. Claire Volunteer Fire Dept.

Jacob Deale grew up around fire service as his grandfather had been involved in it for 50 years. Deale first joined as a sophmore in high school with and interest in the medical field and he originally was not interested in being on the fire engine but that quickly changed for him. Deale is currently a Sergeant at Arms and his role has helped build his character and make him a better person.

Bonnie Snyder
Calvert Advanced Life Support

Bonnie Snyder has had many goals for her life and all those goals involve doing service for others. Snyder is a police officer, volunteer for two departments and an adjunct professor. Everything Snyder does either promotes fire service or does work directly to it. Everything she learned as a volunteer firefighter has helped her in all of the things she has done in life.

Jessica Johnson
Laurel Volunteer Rescue Squad

Jessica Johnson comes from a family with two parents in the fire service. Johnson started as a wilderness firefighter and now teaches fire service to students. Each day Johnson is motivated to keep working because the work she knows the work she does is rewarding and beneficial to the community.

James Felder
Chapel Oaks Volunteer Fire Dept.

James Felder has dreamed of being a firefighter since he was four years old. His role as a firefighter has helped him be a great father, mentor and person.

Kim Kerschner
Ferndale Volunteer Fire Dept.

Kim Kerschner volunteers in Anne Arundel, Maryland. Her start in fire service came from her experience in the National Guard which made her realize how much she enjoyed helping others, and decided she wanted to chase that feeling. Kerschner believes it is important to figure out who you are and how that can help others.

Abby Grossnickle
Independent Hose Co.

Abby Grossnickle’s father was a fire chief, and she has loved the service since a young age. Following in her father’s footsteps has given her a purpose and grown her family to include her fellow firefighters.

Alyssa Cherry
Cape St. Claire Volunteer Fire Dept.

Alyssa Cherry wanted to join the medical field so she could give back to her community and when she was in her last year of high school, she decided she go into fire service. Cherry now currerntly serves as the VP at Cape St. Claire. Cherry works at a medical center during the day and has committed her life to giving back to the community.

Anthony Smothers
Brunswick Volunteer Ambulance and Rescue

Anthony Smothers started in fire and rescue at 18 years old. He takes pride in inspiring others to join the fire service, and his son is a firefighter and his daughter is an EMT. He is also a deputy sheriff with the Fredrick County Sheriffs Office.

Sarah Lasner
Mount Airy Volunteer Fire Co.

Sarah Lasner’s interest in the fire service came from watching her father help others as a State Trooper. She decided emergency services was a great way to give back to her community.

Emily Bladen
Frostburg Fire Dept.

Emily Bladen comes from an Army family. She joined the fire department to spend more time with her brother during his time in between deployments. She said it ended up being one of the best decisions she has made.

Jonathan Dayton
Potomac Fire Co.

Jonathan Dayton is the son of a fire chief and growing up in a fire family has made him hold a lot of roles within fire service. Dayton is also a college student but has maintained roles such as social media coordinator for MSFA and working as an active member for the Potomac Fire Company No. 2. He handles social media for MSFA to assist in impacting a younger audience who could become recruits.

Christine Bennett
Ocean City Volunteer Fire Dept.

Christine Bennett started in fire service through a cadet program. Bennett has gone through various trainings. The community relationship that Bennett has gained through her role has been very importat to her and Bennett believes that anyone can join because everyone has something important to bring to the table.

Brett Vanzant
Church Hill Volunteer Fire Dept.

Brett Vanzant lives a busy life as a campus police officer and a firefighter. He has been in fire service for 14 years and works in Queen Anne’s county for the Church Hill Volunteer Fire Company.

Quida Livingston
Morningside Volunteer Fire Dept.

Quida Livingston spent a lot of her youth hanging around the firehouse with her step-father who was fire chief. Fire service has now become part of Livingston’s lifestyle as she has been with the Morningside Volunteer Fire Department for four years. Through her role, Livingston has gained confidence, courage and other skills which have shown her that she can do anything.

Laura Gray
Woodland Beach Volunteer Fire Dept.

Laura Gray started in fire service 19 years ago as a social member then took classes to further her knowledge. The classes she took pushed her to become more dedicated to fire service and know she runs a cadet program because she wants to motivate more youth to get involved.

Erick Mitchell
Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Co.

Erick Mitchell was invited by a friend to visit a firehouse and then took a ride on a fire engine which was all it took for him to become interested. Mitchell has been cleared on all fire appartuses but is interested in developing EMT skills to fulfill his goal of being a paramedic. The appreciation from the community is what keeps Mitchell going each day.

Brooke Cook
Parsonburg Volunteer Fire Co.

Brooke Cook is the daughter of a former fire chief and that is how she got started in fire service. Being a mom in her position has been a rewarding experience.

Isabelle Staab
Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Co.

Isabelle Staab was a pre-med major in college and one of her friends who worked in a local fire company motivated her to take an EMT class. Her experience as an EMT has helped her in her medical career. Staab volunteers because she loves all of the skills she learns and the interaction with various people that she gets to have.